(4/1/2006 updated)

10cc Fan Sites

10cc Official Fan Club: Official 10cc Fan Site by David Jarvis & Roy Beaufoy. NEW ADDRESS!
Eric Stewart The Official Website : Lots of RARE photos!
Minestrone: 10cc Fan Site by TJ Thurston. Unofficial but very detailed
Sheet Music: Japanese Fan Site (includes English pages) by Kazuo Nakajima NEW ADDRESS!
The Flying Junk : Very maniac site by Mark Anderson.
Graham Gouldman Thing : Graham tribute site by Dutchman John Bruinsma.
10cc : Very Fantastic 10cc memorabilia site with animate images by Roy Beaufoy.
Mr.Blint's Attic : Only Consequences' site by Giles Booth.
The Works Of Godley & Creme : You can see here G&C's almost complete works(video, music, books, instruments, etc.). By Kazuhiko Inoue.

Related Artists Sites

Tony O'Malley Official Homepage: Tony's own website
55 North 3 West: Pilot Fan Site (includes English pages) by Mariko Oyama NEW ADDRESS!
The Classical Bubblegum Music Page : Useful site for studying of Kasenetz Katz sessions.
The Korgis : The collector's site of The Korgis & solo by Mr. Sh.y

Rock General Sites
Swing Art : The site about 60's and 70's vintage rock and group